CHM 2045C Module One Sample Exam                              


M-1 Part C: Element Classification           5 points

Using the periodic chart provided, in the blanks below write the classification of the elements listed:


1.    12C6                        _nonmetal__                4.    1H1        _non metal (class by itself)_


2.    39K19                       _Metal_____                 5.    4He2       __nonmetal (Nobel Gas)__


3.    11B5                        _semimetal____           6.    56Fe26                   _Metal_____


M-1 Part K:                   Vocabulary (Corwin chap 1 & 4) or (Kotz 6e Chapter 1)           5 points

In the blank below, write word(s) that best fit the description:


__ element __         1.  A pure stances that can not be broken down any further by a

                                     chemical reaction.

__ compound __     2.  A pure substance that can be broken down further by a chemical


_ chemistry ___      3.  The study of matter and the changes matter undergoes.


homogeneous mixture  4.  Two or more substances mixed together uniformly through out of

                                     which a solution is an example.

metaloids (semimetals)  5.  Elements which properties in between the metals and nonmetals

                                     and under one condition they act as metal, while under other

                                     conditions may act as a nonmetal.

__ atom _____         6.  Smallest particle or unit of an element.


molecule (ion-formula unit)  7.  Smallest particle or unit of a compound.


Potential energy_    8.  Stored energy that matter possesses owing to its position or


chemical formula     9.  A symbolic representation of a compound indicating the number of

                                     atoms of each element.

_ kinetic energy       10. The Energy associated with the mass and velocity of a particle or

                                     the energy of motion of a particle.


CHM 2045C Kotz 6e Chapter 1 Vocabulary List: 45Chap1Vocabulary


Alternate Answer:  Write a definition below of one word in the vocabulary list not referenced above and you may leave one of the words blank: