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Title: Midlatitude Cyclones.
Caption: This animation presents an idealized depiction of the most important period of a midlatitude cyclone's life. At the beginning of Day 1, the cold and warm fronts are well separated from each other. Each front is generating its typical cloud and precipitation patterns. By Day 2 occlusion is beginning near the southeast edge of the low-pressure area as the cold front begins to catch up to the warm front. By Day 3 the cold front has nearly completely overrun the warm front. Note that clicking on the inset box gives a close-up view of the front movements, cloud types, and precipitation as the storm moves across the Midwest and eastern United States.
Keywords: atmosphere, midlatitude cyclones, middle-latitude cyclones, warm fronts, precipitation, nimbostratus clouds, altostratus clouds, cirrostratus clouds, cirrus clouds, cold fronts, cumulonimbus clouds, occluded fronts, occlusion